Little Black Dress of Scandal

July 14, 2011

This little black dress slips on the scandal; with seems that hug my hips, and sleeves that just fall off the shoulder. Every time I wear this dress it is nothing, but trouble. This dress also has pockets: I like this feature when I am feeling awkward at a party because I never know what to do with my hands. What's your go-to LBD? 


  1. I have far too many LBDs, but the one I typically fall back on is a simple one from H&M.
    Tiered skirt and fitted silhouette, it just works :)
    Great blog!


  2. fashion cad The dress reveals a lot less than most swimwear; surely it was not too revealing. It certainly did emphasise the beauty of Ms Suriyawong. Maybe that's the problem - too exciting? As a westerner in Thailand, I give it 10/10 for sheer beauty, and my compliments to the young lady.

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